Black Belt World is one of Southwestern Ontario’s largest and most successful Tae Kwon Do programs, with a top-rated Olympic High Performance Program, classes for all ages and levels of interest, and our after-school pick-up program.

Little Tigers (Ages 3-5)


Our Little Tigers Program introduces the younger ages to the benefits of Martial Arts. Your children will be slowly introduced to the basics of Tae Kwon Do in a safe and fun environment!

Junior (Ages 6-12)

Junior Program

Junior classes will challenge your child to achieve physical fitness and build strong self-esteem as they work towards their black belt.

Family Classes (Ages 3-93)

Family Classes

Fun for the whole family! This class is open to all ages and belt levels and allows parents and siblings to join in the training as well.

Adults (Age 13+) & Black Belts

Adults Program

These are fast-paced and fun classes, taking adults of all ages and levels through the basics of Tae Kwon Do, self-defence training, patterns training, and weapons for those interested. It is a great atmosphere for new beginners and veterans alike.

Recreational Sparring

recreational sparring

For those who like sparring, but are not interested in competition or would like to work their way to the competition team, we offer recreational sparring on Friday nights. Anyone can participate – you just need to purchase your own sparring equipment and join in!

High Performance Sparring

high performance

Our High Performance sparring team is for those who wish to compete in the Olympic sport of Tae Kwon Do. Rated as one of the province’s best competitive teams, if you are serious about competition, then this it the program for you! Spaces are limited in this elite program so we may focus on developing our athletes.



We offer weapons classes, teaching the basics of the Staff, the Sword and the Nunchuks. As you advance through the levels of training, we offer training with the Sai as well. There is no additional cost for this program – you just need to purchase a weapons package and jump right in!

Demo Team


Open to all belt levels, this team performs at public events, showcasing the sport of Tae Kwon Do. There are dedicated Demo Team practices once per week at no extra cost. It is a great way to learn higher level Martial Arts and showcase your skills!